Hair Removal at Home: Some Ways to Remove Unwanted Hair (2020)

Hair Removal at Home

Hair removal at home| Various methods available for removing unnecessary hair from the face and other body parts include waxing and threading, as well as electrolysis, plucking (shaking by plucker), shaving (razor hair removal), and the use of lasers. Now the Blend method is added to these lists.

The Blend method is the most modern of all the above purposes. The result of this method is hugely encouraging on young skin (especially the skin of people aged 13 to 16). Currently, this method has become very popular in America.

Now we will know the necessary details of the purposes mentioned above and how to Hair Removal at Home.

To Remove Unnecessary Hair by Applying Cream

Which hair removal method is best?

Hair removal at home this is a high-speed and painless results system. This cream is readily available in the market, and there is no need to go to the beauty parlour to dispose of the hair with this method,

as anybody can follow the instructions printed on the packet of cream and get it implemented on hair removal at home their own the main disadvantage of this method is that it will grow back as soon as the hair has been removed, as the hair that is left by the cream is not cut from its roots.

Unnecessary Hair Removal at Home by Razor

How can I remove hair from my pubic area at home?

This method is only suitable for men. If women remove extra hair from their feet and hands using razors, their chances of getting scratches, bruises, and minor blisters on their skin are significantly increased.

In addition to this, the new hair that has been re-grown instead of the hair removed by the razor is often thicker and longer.


Beauticians pull unwanted hair with the help of a good quality plucker. In this way, it is natural to suffer from hair removal. Also, if the hair is not cut from its roots, it will grow again very soon.

Hair removal with Pumice Stone

In olden times women used this method of hair removal at home. This is a lengthy and painful procedure. If the stone is rubbed too much, it is also possible to peel off the skin or leave a scar. The stone has to be mastered.

Hair Removal Using Laser

A black cream is first applied to the area from which the hair is pulled. Then glassware is placed on that part. The stream of light from this device is continually emitting. This can result in the hair being removed from its roots. It does not hurt at all, and this affects many more time areas.


Electrolysis and Thermolysis remove hair permanently. This method is prolonged and expensive, but once the result is found, there will be lasting peace. The treatment lasts from six months to five years, depending on the type and quantity of hair.

Black hair and white hair all have the same effect. An expert should always perform electrolysis. If there is a failure in work, it may permanently scratch the skin.

Laser Treatment

This treatment is the latest trend in hair removal Result is found fast Not painful, and the skin doesn’t even get damaged. Laser treatment often requires about five seating. Laser only works on the hair. Electrolysis is done if you have white hair. Therapy is a bit expensive.


There are many hair removal creams available in the market. Due to its powerful chemicals, the hair is left dead In the long run; the skin is likely to darken. Therefore, such depilatory cream should be used in a limited way.

Methods of  Bleaching

Bleaching causes the hair to turn golden. Those who have more hair on the face can be bleached. So that the blonde hair does not appear too soon.


First, tie the head hair properly. Then take two tablespoons of bleaching powder, add one teaspoon hydrogen peroxide to it and add four to five drops of ammonia if bleaching is done for the first time.

Brush this pack all over the house with a brush. When installing, be careful not to look lips and around the eye. If you are bleaching for the first time, test the bottom of the ear a little, check the mouth only if there is no red racy, and it does not burn.

Apply a skinny pack first. After drying, apply another pack. After drying it, rinse the face with cotton by water. Finally, use the cold cream on the mo.


Waxing is a procedure that is adopted at home and at a beauty parlour to remove hair to remove unwanted hair on the hands and feet. Some people are also waxing in armpits.


Take a wax with a knife and rub it all over your hands or feet. Immediately put a cloth bandage on it and turn the hands on the bar for two minutes. So that it sticks and then grasp the edge of the dressing from the opposite direction of the hair and pull it out with a quick jerk.

All the hair will stick to the bandage and scrape off. Wherever there is hair, remove it this way. Then apply the powder immediately on it. Always use cold wax in the armpits.

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 Way to make waxes

Heat a squeeze of lemon juice in 1 cup of sugar and stir it. To make cold wax when thickening, add a teaspoon of glycerin to it when the wax cools.

Sandalwood powder or oil can be added for aroma. Drop a drop of wax ready to take water in a pot. If it spreads or dissolves, it is considered raw. Or waxing on the wax on the hand if the wax from the other side of the cloth is waxed.

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