Secret of Natural Hair Dyes: How to Color Your Hair at Home Naturally (2020)

Color Your Hair at Home Naturally

How to colour your hair at home naturally: You are in a hurry to change the look by colouring your hair, but you don’t feel like spending money on it. Most of these people prefer to experiment at home by bringing the best hair color from outside. Colouring hair at home is nothing new, but sometimes if the colour is not done properly, instead of a positive makeover in the look the face is Not worth seeing in the mirror Lasts. Learn how to prevent errors during hair color and how to colour your hair at home naturally.

How to Color  Your Hair at Home Naturally 

How to Dark Colour Your Hair at Home

If you want to do colour like black or dark brown, don’t try to do it yourself at home as long as possible, because if the hair is not dyed properly, the look can be spoiled. If the hair color is light or the hair has turned white, it is a little difficult to cover it completely with dark. If you just want to touch up a shade that matches the natural colour, try it at home. Also, when dyeing this hair dark, make sure that it does not get on the skin, as its stains do not go away quickly.

Grey Colour – Coverage

If you want to colour grey hair to cover grey hair, try mixing a little gold in the color. This will give a golden brown effect. Applying a totally black shade on grey hair will give a bad look. The golden-brown effect will look more natural than that.

Highlighting Natural DIY Hair

Highlighting in the hair is not possible at home, as the position of the streaks has to be taken in the right size. You can’t get a professional look at home when you want to do very light and blonde highlights. The colour of the highlights contains a chemical called peroxide which is considered highly allergic. It is impossible to do highlights yourself if you do not tolerate the smell of this chemical. If the work is incomplete, the look will deteriorate. Global highlighting has to give more streaks which is also difficult if you want to colour yourself.

Light to Dark and Dark to Light

The original colour of your hair was light and then you dyed it dark. Now you want a light colour again. This idea is not good. Light colour has no effect on the hair which is already dark coloured.

If you want to lighten the darkened hair from light then you have to wait for the dark colour to come off completely. Hair colour removal kits are now available on the market for chemical hair removal, but doing so can damage the hair.

Before Applying a Red Colour on the Hair

If the hair is starting to turn grey and trying to make it red with colour or henna is not the right solution. No matter how white the Indian skin tone of a person with red hair looks, it does not suit except an American woman. After colouring the hair with a red apply natural brown shade on it again. This will make the red look natural too.


dying your hair

how to make hair colour at home naturally

Hair Dye Made Using Natural Materials

If you do not want to use the hair Dye available in the market, you can make a colour at home with the help of herbs and flowers. These hair colours ideas being natural do not damage the hair and make the hair shiny in addition to coloured.

While colouring the hair, the only thought that comes to mind is that the hair should not become coarse and pale. Prepare a “homemade hair colour” at home if you want to save both hair and money. Which is completely natural as well as cheap, durable and chemical-free. The speciality of homemade hair dye is that it is made from fruits, flowers and vegetables. Which gives the hair a natural colour and enhances the shine of the hair.

Curative Natural Hair Colour for Female

Natural hair colour prevents the hair from turning white, as well as enhances the shine of the hair. This greatly reduces the problem of coarse and bifurcated hair. It does not contain metallic salt like other colours. The protein in natural hair colour protects the hair from the sun’s rays and pollution. It dyes the hair as well as strengthens the hair roots.

Favourite Colour

There are many types of homemade herbs that can be used to dye hair. Which colours the hair yellow, dark brown, dark red, burgundy etc.


Boiling walnut peel in water gives it a dark brown colour.


Crush the flower of marigold ​​and boil it in water. It will give the hair a light red colour.


Chamomile is a type of flower. If you can get this flower, you can dry it and boil it in water to get yellow hair.


Beets are considered in both vegetables and fruits. Cutting it and boiling it in water makes the hair burgundy.


Saffron is also useful for hair in addition to the face. This gives the hair a golden colour

Green Tea

Boiling green tea gives it a brown colour.


Mashing the goats and boiling them in water gives a dark red colour to the hair.


Coffee gives the hair a blackish-brown colour.

Ways to Prepare Naturally Colour at Home

Put two cups of pure water to boil in a pot. Add the desired colour to the hair and boil it. Turn off the gas when the water turns colour. When the water cools, apply it to the hair with a brush. Wrap one hair at a time while applying it to the hair. Then cover the hair with foil paper. Leave on for at least 20 minutes. Then wash your hair with cold water.

The hair colour available in the market fades day by day due to the rays of the sun and this makes the hair dull. When the colour of home hair colour increases, it is slow, but with regular use, the hair colour does not fade for 5-6 months.

What to do to Maintain Hair Color for a Long Time?

After colouring the hair, the hair looks beautiful but the beauty of the coloured hair disappears in a few days. Gradually the colour in the hair fades. Many people believe that hair colouring makes hair coarse and bad but if it is taken care of properly, even coloured hair looks beautiful and shiny.

You can maintain the colour of the hair for a long time and maintain the beauty of the hair by following some tips so that you do not face these difficulties.

Apply Shampoo at Specific Times

Wash hair with shampoo only 72 hours after colouring. After 72 hours of shampooing, the colour in the hair is set and lasts a long time. Shampooing not only removes dirt from the hair but also makes your hair color fade. If the hair is coloured and washing the hair continuously during that time, the color applied in the hair will fade and the shine will disappear.

Choose the Right Shampoo

When washing hair, use only certain types of shampoo used for sulfate-free or coloured hair. Always wash hair with filtered water, it does not come in contact with chlorine and minerals that damage the hair, never wash hair with hot water. This damages the cuticles in the hair and destroys the moisture in the hair colour.

Wash the Hair Again

It is a common procedure to apply conditioner after shampooing the hair. But on the contrary, you can keep the colour in your hair for a long time. For this first, apply conditioner in the hair and then wash the hair with shampoo. Doing so does no harm to the colour done in the hair.

Take Care of the Dying Hair

Hair color fades in the sun. This is why you should wear a hat or scarf across your head whenever you go out of the house. Don’t forget to apply coconut oil to your hair whenever you go to the swimming pool. Even when making a hairstyle, use as little heat as possible in the hair and use tools like straighteners and curlers less.

If you need these tools to do a hair hairstyle, set the hair by heating it to a low temperature. Also, be sure to use heat protection the product.

Proper Hair Treatment

Hair colour like Ombe or Balyaz enhances the natural beauty of the hair. This colour will look very beautiful in your growing hair. You can also apply glaze to your hair to enhance the beauty of the current hair colour. This will make your hair shine. Along with this, it makes your hair colour shiny and smooth. As well as good quality hair colour should be used in the hair.

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Now you must have known how to colour your hair at home naturally and what its benefits can be, which can save both your money and time, as well as you can also avoid the loss of chemical colored color from the market using natural color. Can. You must have seen that dyeing our hair with natural color is also not a difficult task using natural hair dye, but for this you need to take some precautions, which we have told in the above post.

I hope that you people would have liked this article of ours and if you have any dilemma, questions or suggestions related to this article, then you can ask us in the comment box below and you can share it in your friend or relative You can also help them by doing this.

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