What Causes Gray Hair? & Is it Possible to Turn Gray Hair to Black Again?

what causes gray hair to turn black

Hello, friends welcome to the Hair Care Spa once again. Today, I will tell you a few things about the Causes of gray hair. what causes gray hair and white hair can be black again or not? Or what causes our hair to turn prematurely white.

Friends, as our age increases and we grow old, our hair starts getting slightly gray. It is natural and it is part of aging. But nowadays the hair of young people also starts getting gray. And premature greying of hair is a very common problem.

In our article today, we will talk about the problems of premature greying hair and what causes gray hair. We will know about its solution or its treatment.

Normally our hair starts appearing slightly gray or white after 40 with aging. But today due to this modern or unhealthy lifestyle, due to pollution or tress or for many other reasons, our hair starts getting gray or white at a young age.

and due to such premature graying of hair the young generation gets frustrated or stressed. The self-esteem of many people starts decreasing and their confidence also becomes an effect.

So what causes gray hair And is it possible to change gray hair turn to black? Let’s know in full details!

What causes gray hair and how to turn black?

There is a pigment in our body called melanin which gives color to our skin, eyes and our hair. This melanin pigment forms the cells called melanosis such that our skin color, eye color are based on the production of this melanin and our hair color is also based on the production of this melanin.

This process is based on our genetic as we know that our genetic influences many important things like baldness, thickness of our hair even what will be the growth of our beard, how will the hair color and hair texture.

Also, it is a pigment under melanin under eumelanin in the cells of our hair follicles that gives our hair black or brown color. And there is also a pigment in our hair called pheomelanin which gives the red, blond, and yellow color of our hair.

The hair of the Indian logo is based on eumelanin and not on pheomelanin and there are many different reasons why melanin produces effect, hence our hair starts to grow gray. For this reason, the biggest reason for premature hair graying is genetic.

This means that in your genetic, your parents and family have graying hair very quickly, then you also have the chance of graying hair quickly.

The life cycle of your melanin-making cells is based on your jeans, melanogenic clock, then some people have more tress, more travel due to which they have an effect from inside their body.

Hyperthyroidism, Hypo criticism, Tuberculosis, Lupus erythematosus, Typhoid, Malaria, Diabetes, Asthma, Kidney disease may also have temporary gray hairs.

If your body lacks Zinc, Copper, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, your hair will turn gray quickly. Protein plays an important role in our hair. Sometimes kwashiorkor, Marasmus, Nephrosis can also cause your hair to undergo reversible hypopigmentation and also become dry due to such diseases.

Apart from this, hair texture can also deteriorate from Dust, Pollution, Radiation, Coldwater. Sometimes some products like shampoo, chemical or Gel can be used too much to change or gray hair.

When you color or bleach your hair or use a chemical called Hydrogen peroxide to bleach it. Excess of Hydrogen peroxide can make your hair premature gray even though tress is the main important factor that causes your hair to become prematurely gray.

Many times during pregnancy, due to diseases like PCOD/PCOS which cause imbalance, melanin pigment effect also results in premature graying.

Can you Reverse gray hair?

See friends, once your hair is gray due to genetic, then it cannot be blackened back with usual treatment. Therefore, keeping the above reason in mind and avoiding or stopping it as much as possible will be the best solution. Next, I will tell you some remedies that can postpone or prevent greying hair.

This all which is home remedies will not cure your genetic gray hair because unfortunately, gray hair is a permanent condition and so far science no permanent and proven treatment has been found that can turn white hair surly black. So let’s know about some tips to prevent or control gray hair.

How to prevent gray hair?

  • First of all, tips are important to increase your water intake. Drinking less water causes dehydration of your body, it also causes acidity or under-changes in the body and it can also become a trigger of gray hair, so drink at least 2 to 4 litres of water a day mandatory.
  • Oil your hair regularly. By doing oil they will get their nourishment. You can do this 30 minutes before or after shampooing hair with coconut oil lemon juice, 1 to 2 times a week. But keep in mind that it is not in your hair scalp. Just massage your scalp while oiling, doing this will improve the blood circulation in your scalp, which will keep the scalp healthy.
  • Eating healthy food is equally important for a healthy diet. Taking Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Selemine in your diet is also very important nowadays. Do not forget to eat eggs, fish, food, oyster, milk, ghee or mushrooms in the veg, fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts, vitamin C reach food such as amla, orange, lemon, and other citrofood.
  • By regular exercise, you will be able to keep your overall health good. With this, you will be able to control illnesses and diseases. Blood circulation will improve with your exercise and you will be able to avoid many diseases and due to these, you will also be able to prevent gray hair.
  • For tress management, you must do yoga and do meditation. Sleeping well at night is very important to get asleep for 7 to 8 hours and most important is to never pull out the 2 – 4 gray hair straight that you see in your scalp, it will cause damage and some benefit is not. Sometimes, 2–3 hair straight is the chance of being temporarily gray which gets removed due to the walk.
  • Keeping your scalp clean is most important. It is very important to wash or shampoo hair every day or you wash your alternative day. You stay away from junk food, very sweet food, salty foods. This increases the acidity in your body and also leads to hormonal imbalance. And the chance of your hair graying becoming premature increases. Keep your hair away from dust, smoke, radiation, excess heat or sunlight Protect your scalp with helmet or scarp.
What Causes Gray hair

Vitamins for gray hair reversal?

Taking multivitamin tablets that contain iron, zinc, copper, magnesium, and potassium can stop hair whitening by at least taking medicine 2 to 3 months You can take this course once every year.

Vitamin B12 and B complex tablets also benefit from eating for 2 to 3 months especially those people who are vegetarian because vitamin B12 is found only in eggs, fish, meat, milk, butter. Vitamins are not found in fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, if you take one tablet of vitamin B12 twice a week, then it can prevent the hair white of those who are vegetarian.

If your hair is getting gray then you always avoid hair spray, hair gel, straightening, curling, access styling, and do not ever bleach hair.

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Can hair turn grey and then back?

All the people the most asked question, how to make hair black again? So first you have to understand the reason for the premature graying of your hair. Check and treat what causes hair, ages, or health conditions, or try not to have illnesses.

Hair may become grey hair turn black in some people in the early stage due to hormonal disease or natural deficiency in teenagers. the gray hair may turn black again but in the early stages. Make small changes in your lifestyle, follow healthy foods, healthy habits follow Prevention of gray hair is the treatment.

Avoid smoking, drinking and eat oil-free or low oil food. You can also eat supplements of vitamins and minerals in your daily life. Your dark hair will grow and grow or grow somewhat. You can also take medicine after consulting your doctor. By taking this, hair can become temporary black.

There is no full-proof or 100% effective treatment yet to treat unfortunately gray hair. To reduce gray hair temporarily or to make your hair look dark, the only solution is to color your hair or DIY your hair. If you are genetically disposing of premature graying, then you cannot do more than medical treatments.

You can cover gray hair with cosmetic kemoplaz and hair color. Some people also do temporary coloring such as applying natural henna Mehdi which will change the white color of the hair for a few days and this is the treatment.

I would advise all of you to start taking care of your health or hair health beforehand. It is very important that once the hair is gray it is very difficult to bring it back to a natural condition.

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